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Ho-Oh-EX - 22/124 - Holo Rare ex
Ability: Rebirth Once during your turn (before you attack), if this Pokemon is in the discard pile, you may flip a coin. If heads, put this Pokemon onto your Bench and attach 3 different types of basic Energy cards from the discard pile to this Pokemon. | Attack #1: CCC Rainbow Burn (20+) Does 20 more damage for each different type of basic Energy attached to this Pokemon. | Attack #2: | Attack #3: | Card Number: 22/124 | Card Type: Fire | Condition: | Edition: | Finish: Holo | HP: 160 | Illustrator: Eske Yoshinob | Manufacturer: The Pokemon Company | Name: Ho-Oh-EX | Rarity: Holo Rare ex | Resistance: | Retreat Cost: 2 | Set: Dragons Exalted | Stage: Basic | Weakness: Water
B&W Dragons Exalted: No conditions in stock. $7.44

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